ETS has developed proprietary technology for reformatting and processing SDSs to lower the cost of producing Safety Data Sheets in multiple languages and to re-use translations that have already been produced.

Whether you have one document, or hundreds of documents, or a database, for SDSs, CoAs, Labels, Transport and Handling Regulations, SOPs, QA/QC, GLPs, , etc. our system can help.

Completed documents can be returned in secure format ready to be posted to the internet for downloading and use by anyone with a copy of Acrobat© Reader.

Regardless of how you say it, we can help you to say it in other languages.

物质安全资料表 (Chinese PRC – Simplified Chinese)

物質安全資料表 (Chinese Taiwan – Traditional Chinese)

Sikkerhedsdatablad (Danish)

Veiligheidsinformatieblad / Veiligheidsvoorschriften (Dutch)

Material Safety Data Sheet / Safety Data Sheet (English)

Käyttöturvallisuustiedote (Finnish)

Fiche technique sur la sécurité des substances / Fiche de donnée de sécurité / Fiche de sécurité des produits chimiques (French)

Sicherheitsdatenblatt (German)

Scheda Informativa Sulla Sicurezza / Scheda di Dati de Sicurezza (Italian)

製品安全データシート (Japanese)

물질안전자료 (Korean)

Helaian Data Keselamatan Bahan (Bahasa Malay)

Produktdatablad (Norwegian)

Ficha de Informação de Segurança de Produto Químico - FISPQ (Portuguese)

Памятки по безопасному обращению с веществами (Russian)

Hoja de Datos de Seguridad de Materiales / Ficha de Datos de Seguridad / Ficha de Seguridad (Spanish)

Varuinformationsblad (Swedish)